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Pure Copper Aztec Womens Wrist Cuff

Pure Copper Aztec Womens Wrist Cuff

Light and flexible so it can fit on a womans wrist.
This saught after copper metalwork comes from mexico, the birthplace of those addictive substances we love vanilla, chocolate and avocadoes. The artist is very skilled. The metal shines. A very current and stunning peice. This peice has no engravings on it, showcasing the sheen and wealth of copper.

For Aztecs copper traditionally means health and wealth.


New Years Eve 2014 Dubstep

New Years Eve 2014 Dubstep

Original track


Snodding Creative and the ink spot pinapple Xmas

Snodding Creative and the ink spot pinapple Xmas

So we are having a special for xmas new years on fliers, branding, banners, web and print & html email signatures, web pages etc. Contactus.


New Years Eve 2014 Dubstep mix

New Years Eve 2014 Dubstep mix

Smooth played internationally and at night party in Canada recently where it was liked.


Mirrored Mia Shirt

Mirrored Mia Shirt

Fast delivery for US customers.

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