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Subscribe to Snodding Creative YouTube Channel – Shooting Star with hip hop beat

Subscribe to Snodding Creative YouTube Channel

Snodding Creative About – Subscribe now (copied from youtube channel):


Snodding Creative provides a range of youTube related entertainment including cartoons, vlogs & Cooking peices. Additionally there is Snodding Creative music in a range of genres including dubstep, a capela / vocal , classical & dance.

Snodding Creative is a botique creative and IT studio which has a range of T shirts and iphone cases as well as Frog Whoosh the hypnotic application available on Google Play (for Android).

Drawing – Harpsicord original composition


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Caverns of Pumpadelic

Someone let their boombox off in a cave man.


New Years Eve 2014 Dubstep

New Years Eve 2014 Dubstep

Original track

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