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Subscribe to Snodding Creative YouTube Channel – Shooting Star with hip hop beat

Subscribe to Snodding Creative YouTube Channel

Snodding Creative About – Subscribe now (copied from youtube channel):


Snodding Creative provides a range of youTube related entertainment including cartoons, vlogs & Cooking peices. Additionally there is Snodding Creative music in a range of genres including dubstep, a capela / vocal , classical & dance.

Snodding Creative is a botique creative and IT studio which has a range of T shirts and iphone cases as well as Frog Whoosh the hypnotic application available on Google Play (for Android).

Drawing – Harpsicord original composition


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Caverns of Pumpadelic

Someone let their boombox off in a cave man.


New Years Eve 2014 Dubstep

New Years Eve 2014 Dubstep

Original track


New Years Eve 2014 Dubstep mix

New Years Eve 2014 Dubstep mix

Smooth played internationally and at night party in Canada recently where it was liked.


Keep Calm & Listen to Rise

Keep Calm & Listen to Rise

Please share – trying to get 1000 views


Throwback Tuesday

I have given this the wrong name? Please help in comments?

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