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A friends diving experience documented. Retouch example exhibit A.

Photo Retouching

Do you want a professional photo retouched or fixed up for your cv or work intranet, or a new interesting facebook photo which is done by a trained celebrity headshot retoucher? Do you have a product that you want to sell on ebay and need that looking more presentable? *Do you have a website  or know someone who has a website with graphics on it that loads slowly or could look better? If the answer is yes to any of these my email is zip me the  files name a price you wish to pay and I will retouch your photos. For those whos friend or aqauintance has a website, I will pay a commission on paid work so just email me.

(I have prepared products  for a online retailer which has a large following and connected to a tv show, and have 1 year retail sales experience so have merchandising skills)


Headshot retouched for facebook

Headshot retouched for facebook

An artistic interpretation of photo.


Dress prior to editing

Before Editing Dress

Nice background.


After photo retouching


What you will notice is this is less clear, this is because in context it didnt need to be as sharp.


Let me use your headshot to edit and use as an example on here! (Up to you of course!).

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